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Helping Improve Your Users' Experience

Are you striving to reach a bigger audience and provide a better experience? Do you want to understand how to use design to better engage with your audience? If so, I can help.

Hi, I'm Graeme Stoddart 

I am a business-focused User Experience Designer with a flair for creative problem solving and developing user-centric digital products. I work with digital agencies, SaaS companies and internationally recognised brands to create eye-catching digital products. These grow reach, increase engagement, and attract more customers while improving the digital experience for your users.

A passionate collaborator

I advise teams on how to design and develop digital products that better meet the needs of their users. Using over a decade of digital industry experience I design clean, engaging and user friendly interfaces which deliver better results for both businesses and clients.

Some of the organisations I have worked with:

Cigna Health Insurance

Edinburgh University



Milliken & Company

Baxters Food Group

Emily Glen
Digital Marketing Manager


Graeme is a skilled organisational UX lead with a flair for effective design. He has a genuine enthusiasm and aptitude for behavioural research and stakeholder engagement, and truly understands the bottom-line impact of good design. His natural abilities as a collaborative team leader have enabled him to push forward key, resource-intensive projects and get the right decision makers enthused and committed to their success. He's a valuable asset to any commercially-focused design project.

Featured works

User Experience Design
User interface

Start the conversation. 🚀

Ask me anything. From quick questions to complex enquiries about your approach and design, I am ready to talk to you on + 44(0) 7818 423 199 or send me a message

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